Hybrid-Mec System

Innovations Brought By Hybrid-Mec System®:

  • Hybrid-Mec System® is a aluminum based, light, flexible, corrosion-enduring system which does not leave any space between the panels. Thus, it reduces the static load, absorbs the sight of outer walls. It is also rustproof and helps isolation.
  • It enables the use of panels (marble, ceramic, wood, glass, etc.) as thin as 8 mm. Thus, it reduces the unit price of the material and transportation costs.
  • The panels which will be used on Hybrid-Mec System®system do not require standards in means of dimensions and thickness. Thus, it enables the design of three dimensional and innovative faces.
  • In case of any damage during assembly or life-time of the system, it enables ease of maintenance and repairing.
  • Hybrid-Mec System® system reduces the total labor time when compared to classical systems and reduces assembly costs.