Our main profession is manufacturing laminated natural stone panels which are light, durable, transparent and appropriate to its environment. Those products can be used for;

  • - exterior wall claddings and/or floorings,
  • - interior wall coverings and/or floorings,
  • - ceiling cladding,
  • - column coverings,
  • - bathtub coverings,
  • - doors,
  • - stairs and risers,
  • - marine/yacht interiors,
  • - elevators,
  • - furnitures (i.e. tables, coffee tables, consols, closets...etc)

Natural stone can be used in any space or surface by means of laminated natural stone products.

We reinforce (laminate) natural stone (marble, travertine, onyx or granite) by using aluminum honeycomb, ceramic, plywood or glass. Desarc presents a wide range of products and product concepts for both construction and architectural design sectors.

We use technology and innovation not only for producing light marble panels to solve the installation problems, but also for generating different options and opportunities by realizing the will, expectations of the client and providing optimal solutions accord with each project’s soul.



Fast and Easy Installation

High Strength & Durability

Impact Resistance

Resistance to Weather Conditions

Low Installation Costs

Low Transportation Costs

Environment Friendly, Sustainable Natural Material